Last on the Card July Edition

That was quick, One minute we are celebrating the 4th of July/Independance Day and then poof! all of a sudden it’s the First of August.

Bush Boys Challenge is the last capture on you card, There will be 2 captures this time as I used both cameras the last time.

So, Here is the last 2 captures, One from Each Card..

First up Is the last capture on the T3, I was walking back to the Docks to meet up with a friend for lunch at Fishermans Korner after wondering around the Garibaldi Days Celebration and checking out the vendors booths.

I came through where the Classic Car Show was being held and there It was, a Volkswagen, and not just any VW, It was a Thing! These cars were only manufactured for 2 years, 1973 and 1974, and are actually quite valuable if in pristine condition. It was so cute sitting there among all the classic Muscle Cars and Hot Rods of the 50s.

It’s A Thing!

Then After Lunch I switched cameras and walked over to the public fishing dock and saw this Heron sitting on top of one of the Pilings in Tillamook Bay, Just sitting there, watching everyone.

So, Thats it for me for this Post, However follow me for more posts about Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and My adventures.


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