Where Did The Week Go?

This week has definitely gone quick, and I have no idea how that happened LOL.

This week was not really busy per se, Rob had an “off “week, and I just did not have the energy like I normally do, so I guess that is why the week went by so quick for me.

This past Sunday I went up to Garibaldi Days up in the little fishing town of Garibaldi, it is a yearly celebration that the town puts on every year towards the end of July, they have vendor booths, crab races, competitions between the Fire Dept and Coast Guard. its all a lot of fun. While I wanted to go up for Saturday and Sunday, well, you know how it goes, sometimes no matter how much you would like to do something, life gets in the way? yeah. But I was able to make it up for Sunday and The Classic Car Cruise in.

This was the first year that there was a Car Show associated with Garibaldi Days, and while there wasn’t a whole lot of Cars, there was a good amount of participants for being the first year.

And Since I was at the Port, after I was done checking out the Car Show, and the Vendor Booths, I wondered over to the Fishing/Crabbing Dock to see what birds and or wildlife was hanging around, was able to capture a couple of Birds sitting on the pilings taking in all the activities, then I was able to capture a Fishing Charter Boat coming back in as well, Hope they had a successful Trip.

So Here’s what I was able to capture of the Garibaldi Days Celebration.

Fishing Vessel Alaska Sunrise coming into Port.
The Docks at Port of Garibaldi.

Now For The Cars

It’s A Thing! These cars are so fun to have.

Then there were the Vendor Booths.

Maggie Blanke, Owner of DragonFly Crystals had lots of pretty items at her booth and was very sweet to visit.

Another of the Many Vendors that had tents up for the weekend.

Another of the Small Business vendors.

Many Vendors are small business owners that are local to the area, they can be found at many of our local area farmers markets and various celebrations all along the Coast during the summer.

And Finally. One of the many birds that one can find hanging out hoping for a scrap or two.

It has been very hot over in the Portland Metro area and as far south as Salem this past week, so we have had a larger number of tourists than usual here along the Coast since we typically are about 20or more degrees cooler than the Portland Area, Therefore I have not been out at all this week. I am hoping that Next week I will be able to get out and about, Plus one of the Places I want to go, the road to it is closed due to a Culvert Failure, there is a huge sink hole in the middle of the road.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Weekend! Stay Cool and Stay Hydrated!


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