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In Flight.

It’s been a bit since I have participated in any Challenges, so when I saw Cee’s latest one I knew I had to join in on it. 2 Black & White photos of something in flight. First up is a capture of kites from the 2019 Rockaway Beach Kite Festival, that year it was held…… Continue reading In Flight.


Yay! its March and that means Spring will be here in just a matter of a few short weeks, and let me tell you, I am more than ready for it. 2 weeks ago on Thursday we woke up to a suprise 10 inches of snow, by the time the day was over we had…… Continue reading March!

Weekly Wrap Up

Wow last week went by really fast, and I wasnt even really busy, I was just doing things around home, getting ready for a big spring clean in March. Wednesday was my Birthday, but I didnt do anything for it, to broke from the tune up on the Bronco, Oh well. Rob has had a…… Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up

Disabled Person vs. Person with a Disability

Not only is it a constant battle for the disabled community to be seen and heard, Now it’s a battle to simply identify as a disabled person ,the Media would  rather society call us people with disabilities, or differently abled, special, and people with determination. By doing this, it is suppose to remind us that…… Continue reading Disabled Person vs. Person with a Disability

Mental Health Services & Equal Access

According to a Willamette Week Article printed on October 17th, 2022 “Oregon is ranks worst in the Nation for prevalence of mental illness” This article goes on to discuss why Oregon is ranked near last in mental illness and the lack of access to mental health services. You would think that of all the…… Continue reading Mental Health Services & Equal Access