It’s August And That Means…

There is only One more month of summer, Wow, this summer has gone way to fast if you ask me.

We had a late start to Summer and a longer than usual wet and cooler spring, so Our summer here in Oregon really didn’t start until just after July 4th.

This past week I didn’t get to go out any as we had so many People from the Portland Metro area coming down here to the Coast as the Metro area had 7 days of 100 degree temps, meanwhile here on this end of the coast we were in the high 60s to mid 70s, and had a nice breeze every day. Today wasnt to bad, I was in town a couple of times and traffic wasn’t to bad, Temps in Portland were down to the low 90s, so not as many people were escaping to the coast, and you could definitely tell in the lack of Traffic and the Scanner is pretty much quiet.

Today was infusion day again, yes this happens every month, I go to the local hospital, Tillamook Adventist , and go up to the Outpatient Therapies floor and get plugged in for a little while, it takes about an hour to hour and a half from the time I sign in until I walk out of the hospital and get into the truck, after that I had to stop at the store and pick up a few groceries to last through the week, then came home, took a nap in the recliner.

This evening I am here in the office, working on this here blog, and going through a bunch of paperwork for Rob. Wednesday we finally get to call and he can apply for SSDI one last time. Keeping our fingers crossed.

This is it for tonight. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.


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