Disabled Person vs. Person with a Disability

Not only is it a constant battle for the disabled community to be seen and heard, Now it’s a battle to simply identify as a disabled person ,the Media would  rather society call us people with disabilities, or differently abled, special, and people with determination. By doing this, it is suppose to remind us that […]

WooHoo! Finally got It.

My County Parks Pass that is, I forgot to budget for it last month so I had to do it this month. With this pass I can go to any Tillamook County Park and use the Day Use facilities without having to pay $10 dollars each time, and I go to the parks alot in […]

It Only Takes One Second…

To Change Your Life. January 24th 2015 was the 4th Saturday of the month, It was not a typical Saturday for us though due to Robs work schedule, Normally he would have the day off, but because he was down a officer, he took a grave yard shift since we really didn’t have anything planned […]

Mental Health Services & Equal Access

According to a Willamette Week Article printed on October 17th, 2022 “Oregon is ranks worst in the Nation for prevalence of mental illness” https://www.wweek.com/news/courts/2022/10/17/oregon-ranks-worst-in-nation-for-prevalence-of-mental-illness/ This article goes on to discuss why Oregon is ranked near last in mental illness and the lack of access to mental health services. You would think that of all the […]

The First Week of the New Year….

Well the New Year started out good, then Thursday happened, Rob had not been feeling well for about a week and when he got back in from taking out the garbage, he was completely out of breath, he was somewhat disoriented, and he felt uncomfortable so i took him to the Urgent Care, well they […]

Share Your Desktop

January’s Share Your Desktop is a photo I shot of the last sunset of 2022.It was just a fluke that I even shot it as I was had to run to town at the last minute so I just grabbed my Phone and stuck my License and bank Card in my phone case and took […]

Last on The Card 2022

I noticed Brian has his Last on the Card up today, so i decided to add in my last capture of 2022. I had to run into town late yesterday at about 30 minutes before sunset and I was greeted with such a stunning sunset I grabbed my phone, rolled the window down and got […]

2022 Wrap Up

Well, It’s New Years Eve This year has been far better year than the past few years, Bronco issues, Moving to a brand new area away from friends and family, The Pandemic, all threw a huge wrench in my creativity and ability to get out and about between 2019 and this year. However, I did […]

Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023.

Good Morning Everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday last week. Last Thursday late afternoon into Early Friday Morning we had freezing rain here on the Coast, fortunately by Friday morning it was all gone, at least here it was, Up in Portland it was worst, Portland was turned into a Popsicle, and even […]

It’s Christmas Week.

Today begins the week of Christmas, where some of us begin the last minute baking, and cooking. The Ham is bought, most of the sides were bought today, the house is decorated, the Christmas Table Cloth will go on the table Christmas Morning. It also begins the wrap up of the year photography wise, where […]