3 Favorites of 2022. Lens Artist Challenge

This week Sarah from Travel With Me is in charge of the Lens Challenge and the Theme is 3 Favorites of 2022.

I typically dont think about my favorite captures of the year until just after the New Year when I am going through all of my adventures for the year and try to narrow down my 12 favorites.

However upon looking back, I can easily pick out my tip 3 as of now.

The First is from the Iron Category, I love old Steam Engines and am very fortunate to live near the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad where I can catch either of the 2 steam trains that are currently a part of the railroad.

This one is the McCord Number 25, It was a Logging Train at one point, then used in in the move Stand By Me before being retired and purchased by the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. Now itis used to transport Visitors from the Garibaldi Depot up to Rockaway beach during the Summer Tourist Season..

Can You Hear It? That Lonesome Whistle?

McCord #25.

The Next is one I captured over the weekend while I was out and about, I was checking out the locals at the public fishing dock and this fella was also checking out the action.

And this category I call The Chronic Life. and has everything to do with living with debilitating chronic illnesses. it is the purpose of this blog, to bring awareness to living with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the ways in which it affects ones body and spirit. there is a Poem that many of ususe in referance to the amount of energy daily living costs us, even the simplest task can cost us all the energy for that day. our energy is called Spoons and the Poem is called The Spoon Theory, it explains how each task of daily living costs a certain amount of spoons for that individual, and that sometimes we run out of spoons before the end of the day while other times we have a spoon or two left over to carry us through a day when we are short.

My youngest Daughter bought me this spoon ring about 6 years into my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, she said that if I ever run out of spoons to early in the day, Here’s a extra.

Not only that, but the picture also shows the effects of the disease on my hand, my knuckles on this hand were replaced in the spring of 2017, and now it has been discovered that RA is slowly affecting my wrist and thumb.

So these are my 3 favorite of 2022 for now, we will see if the make the cut at the end of the year.

2 thoughts on “3 Favorites of 2022. Lens Artist Challenge

  1. Thank you for joining my challenge. We’ve not ‘met’ so I was sorry to read about your debilitating disease but found it inspiring that you continue to take photos and blog despite the pain your hands must give you. That first photo is probably my favourite – it’s really well-composed and totally captures the atmosphere of the passing train. Yes, I can hear that lonesome whistle blow!


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