We are 1/2 way through June

And have yet to see summer here on the North Oregon Coast, we have been cooler and wetter than normal, which in a way thats good as our rivers are flowing good and our lakes that were dangerously low the past few years are now looking really good and full for those vacationers that like to fish, boat, and play on our lakes, but it’s also bad in that it does not help with wildfires because all the rain contributes to the undergrowth of fuel for fires.

It seems as though this month has dragged on and on, it is probably due to not getting out much this month, and that has to do with fuel prices, My daily driver vehicle is a Bullnose 1982 Ford Bronco. I love it, even though it can pass almost everything but a Gas Station, not even kidding, It has a 26 gallon tank and gets roughly 13mpg in town and 16ish on the highways. yeah it doesn’t sip the gas, it chugs it.

I have managed to get out once though, a couple of weeks ago there was a Classic Car show at the Courthouse Square in Downtown Tillamook, It was a lot of fun checking out the old cars, and just people watching, and I got a few good pictures from it.

Next weekend is the big Rodeo and Dairy Parade here in Tillamook and I will be attending both this year, Saturday the 25th is the Dairy Parade, which has a long tradition here in Tillamook spanning back to at least the 1950s, and that evening is the Rodeo out at the county fairgrounds. I wont be taking a lot of photos, this year I am going to concentrate on the cowboys themselves and capturing them on the Sidelines, it’ll be an interesting Challenge.

As to how I will be feeling come Sunday Morning? we shall see, I remember how I felt last year after shooting the rodeo all night, i was so sore I could barely climb up into the Bronco, and the next day I could barely move. Yeah, I’m not going to be standing the whole 2 hours this time.

Anyway Pictures will follow, just as soon as I get some time to work on them, I have a couple of things going on right now that takes up a lot of my free time, the biggest project is to get my husband on Social Security Disability, we are trying one last time and if he still doesn’t get it then that’s it, we will wait a few years until he is old enough to draw early retirement, but that is a total time sucker at the moment, so I’m sorry if I don’t post as often as I would like.

Old 50s BelAir.

Old Mercury Chopped and dropped.

Cowboy Cadillac.

The Bronco that takes me on all my adventures.

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