Infusion Day

Yesterday was infusion day, the day where I go get plugged in and get charged up for another month of low pain and minimal morning stiffness, My Orencia is my magic bullet so to speak, it is the one medication that has worked amazingly well for the past 2 years now, I can do alot more daily living than i was able to on any other medication. However that does not mean i am cured or that I am in Remission, It simply means that my RA is under control, I still have my limits of what i can accomplish day to day, but I am not curled up on the couch/recliner in so much pai I can barely move, I can take care of my disabled husband, clean the house and make the meals as long as I pace myself.

On Infusion day and for 2 days after, I am very fatigued, those are the days I rest as much as possible, block out my calendar and make myself unavailable for those days, I just crash out in my recliner and Binge watch tv or in the winter curl up in my fuzzy blanket and bury myself in a good Book, Usually a Michael Connelly Bosch Series.

Anyway I decided to take these pictures yesterday while having my infusion so that y’all can have a bit better idea of what I go through.

Waiting for meds.

Accessed!! Having a port makes getting my infusions so much easier.

Yep, This little bag of medication allows me to have a near normal life, and keeps the RA from spreading to other Organs, Tissues, muscles etc.

That Days Calander
Miss Gracie, my 7 year old calico/tabby mix. she’s been right there by my side through everything I have been through since her Gotcha Day 7 years ago in August.

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