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Disabled Person vs. Person with a Disability

Not only is it a constant battle for the disabled community to be seen and heard, Now it’s a battle to simply identify as a disabled person ,the Media would  rather society call us people with disabilities, or differently abled, special, and people with determination.

By doing this, it is suppose to remind us that we are more than our disabilities,, we’re strong, and that we can do anything if  we set our minds to it. However what it does instead is that  it simply reinforces that fact that we are different, that something is wrong with us, that being disabled is a bad thing, shameful even and that we shouldn’t be proud of what we can do and that we shouldn’t accept ourselves as we are.

Its along the same idea that disabled people are inspiring, along with the idea that disabled life is littered with so many challenges and that the disabled people are so positive, never complain, as if our existence is only to benefit non disabled people by making them feel better about themselves, its disgusting, and ablest

A few days ago there was an article in the UK newspaper called the Mirror, the author of the article is a Disability Rights UK Columnist by the name of Rachel Charlton-Dailey, in her article she hits each of the above mentioned points and then some, and she is spot on about what its like being disabled in a ablest world, Its Crap! It’s hard enough being disabled, but then to have society insinuate that having a disability is bad? That its something to be ashamed of? I honestly thought we were beyond that, I thought we left that Bigotry in the past where it belongs.

Rachel points out that the problem with using People with a disability instead of Disabled Person/People is that it ignores the fact you are disabled, thereby another way to dismiss those of us that are disabled.

Disabled is what we are, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being disabled, It has taken us decades to get where we are today, and I have a feeling that it will take more decades to get to where we are treated as an equal by Society and  by the Government.

I suggest reading her article, It’s a real eye opener.

Link to article

Disclaimer: This post is simply my opinion and my personal experiences as a disabled person.


By The RA Adventurer

I have been into Photography since I was around 11 or 12 years old, It was how I spent time with my Dad growing up, He taught me quite a bit over the years, and I have learned even more along the way by observing other photographers as well. I was diagnosed with Moderate Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2011, from that day forward I have fought to keep myself as mobile as possible, and so far I have managed to do just that. I have good Days and I have bad days, but mostly good days. My Husband and I live on the Northern Oregon Coast and enjoy being able to enjoy all that the coast has to offer.

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