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WooHoo! Finally got It.

My County Parks Pass that is, I forgot to budget for it last month so I had to do it this month.

With this pass I can go to any Tillamook County Park and use the Day Use facilities without having to pay $10 dollars each time, and I go to the parks alot in the spring and summer, so the $45. cost is worth it to me, It even lets me hang out at Barview Jetty which happens to be one of my favorite places to go watch the storm waves break over the Jetty as well as watch the Commercial Fishing Vessels cross the Tillamook Bar from the Pacific Ocean into Tillamook Bay, The Tillamook Bar is one of the most Dangerous on the Oregon Coast.

Anyway so yesterday I decided to just drive up to Barview Jetty where there is a County Park Ranger Station, thankfully someone was in there and I was able to buy my Pass in person this year. They also include a little Tide Chart Booklet and a list of all the County Boat launches and the Day Use Parks, which is nice to have if you are still somewhat of a newbie to the area. And since I was at Barview, I went on out to the Jetty and checked out the action or rather the lack of Action, there was a small craft advisory but you would never know it looking at the Bar, but then it was also low tide so that most likely had a lot to do with it.

I am out of commission this upcoming week and possibly the next as well, It just depends on how soon the mechanic can get our rig in and worked on. Its tune up time and we have to keep up all maintenance on it so that it doesn’t fail us.

I hope everyone is having a good Saturday, we are suppose to get some winter weather here starting this evening and lasting through Monday I believe. Good time to curl up with my fuzzy blanket and either a good book or binge watch tv.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


By The RA Adventurer

I have been into Photography since I was around 11 or 12 years old, It was how I spent time with my Dad growing up, He taught me quite a bit over the years, and I have learned even more along the way by observing other photographers as well. I was diagnosed with Moderate Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2011, from that day forward I have fought to keep myself as mobile as possible, and so far I have managed to do just that. I have good Days and I have bad days, but mostly good days. My Husband and I live on the Northern Oregon Coast and enjoy being able to enjoy all that the coast has to offer.

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