The First Week of the New Year….

Well the New Year started out good, then Thursday happened, Rob had not been feeling well for about a week and when he got back in from taking out the garbage, he was completely out of breath, he was somewhat disoriented, and he felt uncomfortable so i took him to the Urgent Care, well they didnt like the looks of him either and sent him over to the ER where they ran all kinds of tests, nothing was coming up cardiac though, but still the Dr didnt like what she was seeing symptom wise so they sent out a request for a bed in a Cardiac Care Unit and finally after 4 hours of looking, found one in Corvallis at Good Samaritan Reginal Medical center, it was here that they discovered he had a slightly leaky heart valve, and one of the medications he was taking for his blood pressure was causing kidney issues, so they took him off that medication and put him on a new one, however he is still not feeling good, he’s still very tired and has no energy, Im going to see if the Urgent Care is open tomorrow and if it is I am going to take him in. I am that worried.

The weather is not cooperating at all, I havent been able to get out with the camera once yet this year, I wanted to get some captures of the Crab Boats loading up and crossing the Bar but Mother Nature kept the rain coming so I didn’t get to however I’m hoping to catch some of the boats coming back to port in the next couple of days, provided we get a few hours of dry weather and I have time to go.

Nothing else going on here, Been a long couple of weeks.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and Productive week.


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