2022 Wrap Up

Well, It’s New Years Eve This year has been far better year than the past few years, Bronco issues, Moving to a brand new area away from friends and family, The Pandemic, all threw a huge wrench in my creativity and ability to get out and about between 2019 and this year.

However, I did manage to get out and get quite a few captures.

I love attending Classic Car Shows, and I was  fortunate to be able to attend 2  shows this year, The First was the Beach Barons  car show, this year it was held on May 21st in front of the Courthouse here in Tillamook, it was fun, got several good captures.

June brought about the Farmers Market here,  that was a lot of fun to attend, a good place to get farm fresh produce, homemade baked goods, & fresh flowers just to name a few things.

 there was live entertainment, and places to sit and just people watch.

This year the Tillamook Dairy Parade was back , Cheddar Days are Here again, Last year I attended the Rodeo and got some awesome pics of the events, however my Body wont let me do both in the same weekend so this year I attended the parade.

4th of July found me up in Rockaway Beach for the Festivities up there, definatley going to go again next year, but this time we are going to take a couple of Cam Chairs and get where I can get pictures..

While we were there we got to watch the officials bury the motars on the Beach for the fireworks display later that evening.

August brought us  the Garibaldi Days Festival, and this year they included a Classic Car Cruise in down at the Port,  A neighbor and I decided to go check it out and we had so much fun.

 In between these events, I was out and about whenever possible, I made it out to Sandlake Recreational area, got to explore along the stream that winds its way through and even got to see some birds fishing along the stream, unfortunately I didn’t have my zoom lens so I couldn’t capture that, but now I know to put it in the bag.

October brought fall but the colors just weren’t that great yet again, to long of a hot and dry summer, but there were hints of fall colors when I went out along the Kilches River, also checked out the Kilches County Park, nice park and camp ground situated along the Kilches River, nice place to hang out for the day, pack a cooler with lunch and just go hang out. Also a great place for fall pics along the river.

November Brought us the holidays, and the Candy Cane Express. The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad outdid themselves and had a fabulous looking train. It was a pleasure to capture it for sure.

I took 2 separate weekends to capture the Candy Cane Express, the 1st weekend was spent capturing the hook up and getting ready for the first run of the day. And the next weekend I captured it crossing over Smith Lake in front of Camp McGruder.

Im hoping to get out more this year, I also hope to get further south, down around Lincoln City and Newport area, there is still lots of area down there to explore, so we shall see what happens.

For Now, Here are a few of my Favorite Captures from this year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Day and that 2023 is a Successful year for everyone..

Beach Barons Car Show, Memorial Day Weekend in Tillamook in front of the Courthouse.

This summer we went down to Pacific City a couple of times, This Picture was taken around Mothers Day, Rob Took me down a few days before Mothers Day to avoid the Mothers Day Crowds, Took a lunch with us and had a great time People Watching and Watching for Dory Boats to Come in.
While at the Cape for Mothers Day, I saw this Surfer walking with his board down to the Surf. Pacific City and Cape Kiwanda attracts surfers in the Spring and Winter due to the waves just before, during and just after Storms here on the Oregon Coast.

The McCord No 25 steaming up and getting ready for a full day of Tourists . This was on July 4th in Garibaldi Oregon. The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad runs the train daily during the Tourists season, starting Memorial Day Weekend. Plus has special excursions for Fall and Christmas.

At Rockaway Beach, Oregon 4th of July 2022.
The Engineer doing Maintance on the train in-between runs July 4th 2022.
Small Town Farmers Market. Sometimes small town farmers markets are the best! I have been to Farmers Markets in Portland Oregon, Oregon City Oregon, Canby and Molalla, Tillamook is the best one I have been too. Lots of Vendors, and a good place to sit and have a cup of coffee and people watch. Pictured is Josi Farms located here in Tillamook, Oregon

Patience is the name of the game when it comes to Photography.

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