Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023.

Good Morning Everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday last week.

Last Thursday late afternoon into Early Friday Morning we had freezing rain here on the Coast, fortunately by Friday morning it was all gone, at least here it was, Up in Portland it was worst, Portland was turned into a Popsicle, and even by the time Christmas eve came around Portland was still Frozen and trying to get up the hills into Happy Valley? yeah forget it. So we just stayed home, Christmas Day I hosted Christmas Dinner here at our home for Rob and I, our Daughter Chrissy and our friend Berry. Berry was gracious enough to off to bake the ham at his apartment so i could use our oven for other dishes like scalloped potatoes. Overall it was a good day and the dinner turned out good.

However today Rob is not doing well, he didn’t take his meds for the evening last night and so he’s been having a hard time all day, plus he didn’t take todays meds until after 10:30 this morning, so I have been keeping things quiet around here today, the weather is miserable today, dark and raining all day, We are under a flood advisory until 9:45 tonight, High Surf Warning until Wednesday morning and a high wind warning until tomorrow evening, Oh Yes, Fun Times .

I managed to get out more than I thought this year, and if gas prices continue to fall more, well then I’ll be able to get out a lot more in 2023.

I found a nice little area to sit and watch the birds playing in Tillamook Bay at Garibaldi, its actually an old ramp into the bay, I imagine perhaps to roll logs into the bay for transport? the area use to be an old Saw Mill back in the day, Im going to have to see what I can find out about it and next time I am down there, see what I can find that might still exist from the mill.

I am about to begin the process of going through all the captures of this year, at the moment I have no idea what each one will be.

I will say that 2022 was a pretty good year Not just Photography wise, but health wise for myself in that My RA Flares are significantly fewer and farther between, My pain levels are lower than they have been in years. As for Rob health wise, We had a major accomplishment this past spring in that I found him a therapist that deals Soley in Trauma and Traumatic Injuries, I am so glade That i kept persisting in finding him the right therapist and he is seeing a Psychiatrist as well to have his medications managed., it took 5 years, but he finally got the care he needs. Rob is slowly getting better, there is alot of issues to work through that are the result of the lack of care from the previous therapists, but we are slowly getting there.

I hope that everyone has a Wonderful New Years Weekend, and that 2023 is a successful year for each of you.



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