It’s Christmas Week.

Today begins the week of Christmas, where some of us begin the last minute baking, and cooking.

The Ham is bought, most of the sides were bought today, the house is decorated, the Christmas Table Cloth will go on the table Christmas Morning.

It also begins the wrap up of the year photography wise, where I go through all the edited photos and make sure they are properly labeled and any notes on that photo are wrote down in the book i keep for each year., I have actually gotten out more this year than I have in a while, and I have shot some amazing photos, lets just say I am very happy with what I have done this year, but the year is not over yet, and we have King Tides this week beginning on Thursday the 22nd and end on Christmas Day. so I definitely want to go check them out on Friday, Either Barview or Oceanside, or perhaps even both, we will have to see.

Im also getting ready to sort through my pictures of this year and pick out the Best ones, make any final notes, and tag anyone that needs to be tagged.

I am also beginning to think about the final blog post of 2022, not sure what it will contain, but I am definitely thinking about it.

I am also going to change the direction of a pretty much dead group of mine, it will be an extension of this page, aimed at those who don’t wish to create an account here just to follow me, It will be over on Facebook and anyone interested can feel free to inquire and I will send a link as soon as it is up and going, the group is active, with a few members, and a whole lot of inactive members which i will be showing to the door as of the first of the year, It will have the same content as this blog, and then some, some daily chit chat, Challenges, disability rights alerts, and just daily life.

Yesterday I did manage to get out with the camera, I went down to the Camp McGruder area and got some pictures of the Candy Cane Express as it chugged its way over the berm that runs along Smith lake, I managed to get some very good pictures, I am actually very happy with a few of them. I also managed to get out a couple of weeks ago as well and was able to shoot the train getting hooked up for the first run of the Day, it was fun and I had a good time shooting these.

Then I went and checked out Barview County Park and Jetty, the Army Corp of Engineers did some reinforcement work on the actual jetty last year and finally finished it up this summer, they changed up the parking area for watching boats come in across the bar, and there is now easier access to the beach at Barview. I also due to the new layout, able to get some new pictures of the Bronco showing the Beach and The Jetty in the background. turned out better than I had hoped.

So, here are a couple of Captures from yesterday, The Train, The Bronco and a bunch of Crab Pots waiting on the opening of Commercial Crabbing Season.

I really hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas, If You are traveling, Drive safe, I will be back after Christmas and in time for New Years Eve.


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