Veterans Day

Well, Yesterday was Veterans Day here in the US, So Yesterday Rob and I took our Friend Berry out to the Tillamook Air Museum so he could check it out.

There were several events going on out at the Air Museum yesterday, so we got out there early so it wasn’t so busy, however by the time we had made our way to the make shift USO Club, Rob was done, He’d had enough, So I didn’t want to push it and stay for pictures of the Opening Ceremonies, or the Dancing, and we left and headed for home. I thought about going back but Rob was having a rough day so I stayed home. Perhaps Next year I will go just myself.

Today Rob is doing some better so he went over to Berrys to hang out for a break, So I figured I would take advantage of it and get this blog post done, then I need to get a few things done here in the apartment and its much easier when Rob isnt home .

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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