Motorcycles and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

What great timing Cee has with this weeks Fun Foto Challenge.

You see, It was 45 years ago this month that, on a cold November weekend, that 4 Seasons Motorcycle Riding School, held its first class out at Mt. Hood Community College,4 Seasons happens to be Oregons first Motorcycle Safety Foundation Authorized School.

That next spring we moved the School to Clackamas Community College where we held classes from spring of 1978 until our final class fall of 1984.

Sandy Galloway was the owner and head instructor, I was the head range aide, Demonstrator and Photographer. We taught people from all walks of life from Moms to Electrical workers to Drs, Laywers, Even a District Attorney and a Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge. we taught everyone how to ride safe and defensively.

And we taught not only Beginners, we taught those who had been riding for years. about 1980 we started teaching the MSF’s Better Biking Program (AKA Experienced Rider Course or ERC). we taught not just individuals, we taught Motorcycle Clubs like the Goldwing Club.

She also worked with various state agencies under Department of Transportation to bring awareness of Motorcycles to the Public, She also worked with Head officials of Department of Motor Vehicles to create a Motorcycle Operators Skill Test for riders to pass in order to get their endorsement, this M.O.S.T. is what evolved into the Skills test that is used today by the Oregon DMV and Team Oregon.

And we also put on motorcycle safety work shops at some of the Motorcycle Rallys we attended, Such as The BMW Riders of Oregon Chief Joesph rally that use to be held up at the gorgeous Wallowa lake in Eastern Oregon , we would put on a 1 or 2 day skills workshop for the attendees, now we never got paid for any of this, My Folks were friends with the President at that time of the BMWRO and when they found out we were attending they asked if Mom and I would put on this workshop. of course we said yes.

in 1982 Sandy was diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome, and had to slow down a bit, that same year, in April Sandy Became a Member of The first Governors Advisory Committee On Motorcycle Safety, Governor Vic Attiya created this committee and the committee members were awarded a 2 year seat, Sandy was on this committee from 1982 to 1984 and from 1984 until 1986 when she retired from Motorcycle Safety.

In 1983 Sandy and her husband John Attended the MSF conference in McCall Idaho, there she attended seminars that touched on items that were important to the Motorcycle Safety industry, met other MSF instructors from all over the USA. as well as the President of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the representative for the West Coast.

in 1984 Sandy was asked by Steve Garretts, A MSF Instructor that had attended the Conference the previous year to help set up a state wide Motorcycle Safety School here in Oregon, Sandy knowing that she was not going to be able to continue teaching or running her school much longer agreed to work with Steve and helped him get Team Oregon started , Sandy worked under Contract for Team Oregon as the Area Coordinator from 1984 until 1986.

Today Team Oregon is state wide with classes all over the State, and it continues to teach hundreds of students every week from Spring until fall.

Sandy Galloway Demonstrating a range exercise at 4 Seasons Motorcycle riding School.

Sandy Galloway showing a class of novice students the controls on the Motorcycle

Sandy Galloway(yellow t shirt with Yellow Hat) and MSF Area Coordinator Lyle Anderson (Blue Shirt) at the BMW Riders of Oregon, Chief Joseph Rally. about 1981. putting on workshop for attendees.

Sandy on the quad donated by Taylor Honda Kawasaki. Woodburn Oregon. Experienced Rider Course, about 1983. Sandy was already having issues related to Post Polio Syndrome.

Sandy, 1983 On the Columbia Gorge Highway near Latourell Falls just before she had to give up riding.

I have literally hundreds of photos of various classes that I worked with, that over time I will eventually get scanned.


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