Last Photo On Card, August Edition

It’s that time again, Bushboys last photo on your Cards. It’s always fun to see what others last pic of the month is.

I didnt really get out much this month, living in a Tourist Destination area kind of makes it a bit challenging to get out and about on the local beaches, either the handicapped parking is full or the beaches are just to busy, or traffic is to heavy so you decide to just stay home.

However I did get out twice this month, first I went down to, Sandlake Recreational Area, known for Racing, and riding Quads, Sand rails and other Grown Up toys that are fun to play on the Dunes with. Anyway I went out to see what was happening out there, I hadn’t been out there since late 80s so it was nice to go back and see what all was new.

Then a few days later Rob, Berry and I went out to an Old Iron show here in Tillamook, was interesting to see all the old antique motors and whatnot, And It was good to finally get Rob out of the house as well.

And the last picture on my phone for August is,,, A picture of one of my cameras on my lap while I was sitting on my front porch glider waiting on a hummingbird to come back.


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