August Round Up

Happy Labor Day Weekend, I hope everyone is having fun and enjoying one last Hurah camping adventure before the unofficial end of Tourist Season and Camping Season.

Here on my little part of the Oregon Coast, First Responders have been kept busy all day yesterday and today, and right now, our county has no available ambulances, multiple accidents throughout the County, and at local recreational areas are keeping everyone busy, and its only Sunday.

Rob and I stayed home this weekend, and I have been relaxing and just taking it easy for a change. Its actually nice to be able to do that once in a while. I have also been going through a bunch of photos on my external HD and cleaning up the files, deleting duplicates and trying to get everything in order and labeled correctly, This will take some time, but that’s fine, I have nothing pressing this week, and I am waiting to see how busy the trails are that I want to check out at Cape Lookout, and then I want to check out some trails that were just rebuilt over along the Kilches River.

So we will see what I get accomplished this month, and how many pictures I get this month.

Have a Safe and Fun Rest of the Holiday Weekend.


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