Sandlake Recreation Area

So yesterday I decided I was tired of being stuck at home, So I looked at the Map and decided to check out Sandlake Recreational area, I even asked Rob id he wanted to come with and he was like No, I dont want to go anywhere, so I called our friend Berry to see if him and his Dog Chase wanted to go, Berry was like Hell yeah, but Chase can stay home, I need a break from his onry ass LOL.

It only took about 30 minutes to get down there by going out past Cape Lookout State Park,(aka The Scenic Way), but it was a nice drive and once we turned off of Sandlake Road onto Galloway Road, it wasnt long until we came to the turn off where the road splits, straight ahead for the Dunes and Staging Areas, and the other way for the Fishermans day use area, Since we dont have any quads or other grown up toys, we went to the left down to the day use area where you can walk on the sand, alongside Sand Creek, or you can climb up the dune to the top and look at the Ocean and more of the beach area.

Along Sandcreek is where you’ll find all kinds of birds, from Pelicans to Herons to Seagulls, and of course I didnt have my long lens with me so I didnt get any captures of the birds, but at least I will know the next time I go to take my other camera with me too.

Here are a couple of Captures I got out there yesterday. Oh and BTW i got my editing program fixed, come to find out my internet speed was preventing me from being able to download Lightroom Classic, so i had to go to the cable company and bump up my internet to the next level, finally was able to install new version of LR and get back to editing photos, which I am still not done yet.

Sandlake Recreational Area.

More of Sandlake Recreational Area with Haystack Rock Pacific City in the distance
Sand Creek is a small creek that starts at the Pacific Ocean and follows the sand up through the day use area at Sandlake. The creek actually has fish in it and Birds will stand along the banks and catch the fish.

Like I said, next time I go I am taking my other camera too that has my 55-250mm on it.

I’m not sure if I will be out again this week, the Portland Metro area is having yet another heat wave and so everyone that can get away are heading here to the Coast where it is much cooler, however Next week I will possibly get out and get some more pictures.

Have a Great rest of the week, Stay Cool and Stay Safe.

4 thoughts on “Sandlake Recreation Area

  1. We spent many years there. We called it the sand box as that is what it was compared to other Oregon dunes 🤣. But a close place to ride our toys at. SO many memories there. We have gone since we stopped riding just to drive on the beach and take our dogs out there. Tierra Del Mar just down the way you can drive on the beach and don’t need off road permits and don’t have to deal with the chaos that sand lake has if you haven’t been there, the other side of the huge dune is pacific city and my friend that paraglided always went off the top there:)


    1. Yeah I went down to PC yesterday after 8 was done at Sandlake, was going to see if there was any surfers there but holy cow, there wasn’t anywhere to park and it was only about 10:30 in the morning. Guess I will wait til tourist season is over.
      Stop off at Tierra Del Mar frequently,however I don’t dare take the Bronco out there,Hubbynwould kick my tail ( not really but I would get a serious a.. chewing) if I took it out on the beach. The Bronco isn’t made for driving on the sand, and it’s 40 yrs old so, yeah lol.
      Oh yes I’ve heard of Sand Lake being called the Sandbox as well. Lol.

      A friend and I have a challenge for after the tourist season is over, to make it to the top of the cape at Cape Kiwanda. I’ve heard there is a trail that goes up there, and I know there is new fencing up there at the top. Let’s see if I can make the challenge lol.

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