Even though It is only August I still start preparing now for the Winter months here on the Coast.

The long dreary days of winter don’t really bother me cause there is always something to do, whether its curling up in the recliner, comfy leggings and a flannel with my nose buried in a book, or shooting the King Tides during the Winter months.

I’m looking forward to some fall photography this year, Not only do I want to explore more of the Wilson River, I also want to check out and explore up around University Falls, and Perhaps Drift Creek Falls depending on gas prices, Fall Colors and my budget come late October or First of November, Hopefully we will actually get Fall Colors this year, last year the season was so short that I didn’t get a single shot, colors were done in a couple of weeks and I never got the opportunity. Hopefully this year I will have better luck.

I was going to go check out the South trail at Cape Lookout tomorrow, however it appears as though it could rain tonight, so that’s out, plus Sue is stopping by to pick up the laundry and drop off some Costco sausages that she picked up for me, I am also going to print out the last of the paperwork for Rob so that we can call Social Security and he can file for Disability one final time, So hopefully Wednesday i’ll will be able to get out and get a hike in,I am also hoping that Rob will go with me, even if he only walks a little ways, it will be good for him, Berry says he wants to go so I’ll have Berry and Chase as well.

However this evening, I am just sitting here, working on this here blog and listening to some tunes, it appears as though the sound card has gone out on my desktop computer, sooo I am left with my phone and earbuds, that’s fine though, i have my iTunes playlist and its pretty varied according to my mood.

So I best wrap this up, its already late and I still want to read a bit before I crash for the night.

New Ankle Supports for this Fall and Winter Adventures

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