Made By Humans Challenge. Cee’s B&W Challenge

Cee is always coming up with some of the best Challenges, and this week is no different, I had a lot of fun with this one.

Lets See, What do I have that works for this Challenge.

2016 Harley Davidson Old Iron 883.

Harley Davidson, Started in 1903 by William Harley and the Davidson Brothers Walter and Arthur in 1903 in Milaukee Wis. created and built by humans. Built By Man, To Be Enjoyed by Men, and Women.

82 Ford Bronco, Old School, 4bbl Carburetor, No Computer, This Body style is called the Bullnose. Designed by man, and assembled by Man

Former US Navy Airbase Tillamook Blimp Base. Hanger B built in 1943 There was another Hanger, A that was also built in 1943 and both housed K airships that patrolled our coast line during WWII. Now it houses the Tillamook Air Museum.

Antique Lens Brush.

The Historic US Coast Guard Boathouse, Commissioned in 1936 the Coast Guard Called this boathouse home until 1960 when the new boathouse was opened. This Boathouse has lasted so well over the years due to being Overbuilt to withstand the weight of the rescue boats and the storms, also has the distinction of being the longest pier at 760 feet. Located in Garibaldi, Oregon.

Fishing Vessel Alaska Sunrise.

McCloud Engine No 25. Retired Logging Train, has been used in the Movie Stand By Me and Changeling.

Boots and Camera, They both are made by human, and both are used by humans, they actually go together.

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