And Poof! Just like that, Its Over

I couldn’t believe how quickly last week went, It was a busy week for sure, with the Holiday at the beginning of the week, then Going up north to stock up on Meat and pantry stuff at Costco, Computer Issues off and on all week, and Poof, it was the weekend again.

However, this week seems to be less busy, I do have a Dr. appointment on Wed to have my wrist looked at as it is still bothering me, and it is now at the point of being beyond annoying, so I’m going to see if perhaps we can figure out what’s going on with it and get a plan of action started.

However, for now though here are a few of the captures I managed to get over the 4th of July when I went up to Rockaway Beach Oregon to see the parade and other festivities.

Chrissy my youngest Daughter shot this picture of the Number 25 getting ready for a day of tourists. Garibaldi, Oregon.

Have to admit, Chrissy really has a good Eye.

Hmmm Looks like there’s going to be a parade!

Number 25 Coming Into Rockaway Beach on the 4th of July.

The Engineer

I hope everyone has a great night and a wonderful week

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