Last on the card

Ohhhh I found a challenge, I love Challenges, Photo ones at least, Why you ask? Well, When you are trying to build up a following on your new page/blog/etc it is one way to get followers, to show people what your page is about.

Since my page is still new I dont have many followers yet so I am still trying to get it known and participating in Challenges is a good way of doing that.

So with that said, I saw that BushBoys have a Last on the card challenge for the month of June, Great, Lets see, which camera to use, well shoot, how about both?

On my main camera, a Canon T3 the last photo is of a friends Granddaughter, my friend Karrie and I met up with her Granddaughter Kalie at one of the local beaches last week, while the adults were visiting and playing with the oldest Great Grandson, I was able to capture this picture of Kalie, just watching the waves and being so relaxed, she is wearing her newest baby Ryker and because it was so windy on the beach she had her sweatshirt zipped up over him.

And on my other Camera, A Canon Xs the last capture on that card is from the last Float/Truck of the local Dairy Parade last weekend.

I am looking forward to more this month, the weather is getting nicer here, and I hope to be getting out more.

Until then, Its Friday, Here in the USA its a Holiday Weekend, So Be Safe and Enjoy!

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